Built To Exceptional Standards

Astrid has been created by a team with a long-standing tradition of delivering an exceptional level of quality and sophistication.


Creativity, innovation and practicality drive the homes we build. Headquartered in Vancouver, we specialize in commercial and residential real estate acquisition, management, and development. Founded in 2007 on the principles of creating enduring homes, our communities are built on sustainable practices that benefit the long-term well-being of everyone.
Interior Design

Providing full interior design services for private residences, resort properties, residential and commercial real estate developers across North America, we are a Vancouver-based full-service interior design firm. Driven by a philosophy that is focused on ”Bringing space to life”, we create dramatic interiors with a sense of discovery.

Vancouver-based Matthew Cheng Architect is known for designing boutique residential communities tailored for families. He has a unique ability to make the most of every square foot, creating functional, comfortable and contemporary urban homes optimized for everyday living.